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God’s Word and Homosexuality

Posted: November 19, 2013 by Chris Macy in Ephesians, Homosexuality, Radio

Here is our first show on 1010 AM KXXT that aired on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013.


Throughout the show we discussed how the homosexual lifestyle was prominent in the news over the last few years and what God’s word says how we as Christians should react toward not only the sin but the person.

Of course we cannot dive to deep into any topic within our time frame on the program, so we have this site setup so we can share with you articles that can help you in your understanding and study of what God’s Word says on the topic. You can find these articles here on our blog and we have provided the links for you below.

Do you have any questions about what was said on the program, in any of the articles, or maybe you just have a question about God’s Word? You can send those questions to us and we will either answer or at the least respond to you and post those responses on our blog here. You can send us your questions by using this link below:


Redeeming The Time, 1010 AM KXXT, Phoenix, AZ Tuesday @ 4pm