I know what you are thinking, another blog in a world filled with them! Yes, there are many blogs on the internet today and tomorrow there will be more, but we hope to use this blog in conjunction with our main website www.nvcoc.net and our Podcasting.

Our main website belongs to the North Valley church of Christ and you can find all types of resources there from our latest Heart to Heart publication to audio sermons, and even a weekly Sunday morning television program by Mike Scott in Prescott, AZ.

The Podcast is what we are interested in here on this blog. During our short program each month we will discuss items in the news that interests you and look at what God’s Word says about these issues. Also, we’ll post the weekly sermons from North Valley, here as well.

Another segment of our program will be a topical or expository study within God’s Word. This will be more consistent and like the previous segment we wont be able to cover everything so we’ll post the full article here.

There are other plans for the future as we build the podcast audience. We hope to start up a Question and Answer segment once a month, where you’ll be able to email in your questions and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability from God’s Word. We will also post these questions here on the blog with a full answer or at least a response to the question.

We also look forward to having guest’s on our Podcast who can tell us about their work in the Lord’s kingdom and perhaps keep them over for our Bible Study segment.

We are very excited about this new program and we hope folks will be able to spend some time listening to the program.

I’ll write up a few more short articles about the host of the program (that would be me) and some of the guest’s of the program who will frequently be on air with us. Until then Keep on Keeping On…


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