Here are our last 3 episodes

Posted: May 9, 2014 by Chris Macy in Unity

A lesson on Unity


A lesson on relationships


A lesson about Jesus being Lord


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  1. Debi Freeman says:

    You are so right Chris, never before has TRUTH been so hard to find…I too am a truth seeker…often makes me unpopular, but how can we ever expect to gain a heavenly reward if the TRUTH isn’t at the core of our being…good discussion…I think it is great that you all meet from all over the country…definitely encourages unity…

  2. Debi Freeman says:

    Lesson on relationships: I have been a new member at NVCOC for just about a year. I have been homebound for j u st about the e.tire year. My son was baptised and also added to the Body there. He has had to miss services because he and I live alone. We have received cards, phone calls of encouragement

  3. Debi Freeman says:

    We have had communion brought to us….I could go on and on and on…but my point is that the NVCOC practices what Chris is preaching here…it has made all the difference in our lives. Wonderful lesson..and you managed to cover all 10 points in less than 27 minutes! (I had to finish my comment under replies cause I messed up) ha ha

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