Native American Outreach

Posted: January 21, 2014 by Chris Macy in Radio, Reaching The Lost

Josh Austin joined us in studio for this episode. He is the minister of the Salt River church of Christ and he conducts the outreach program there as well.

Salt River church of Christ @ the Salt River Community Center
1880 N. Longmore
Scottsdale, AZ

Worship Service at 1 p.m. Every Sunday
For more information contact Josh Austin at

Do you have any questions about what was said on the program, in any of the articles, or maybe you just have a question about God’s Word? You can send those questions to us and we will either answer or at the least respond to you and post those responses on our blog here. You can send us your questions by using this link below:


Redeeming The Time, 1010 AM KXXT, Phoenix, AZ Tuesday @ 4pm
  1. Debi Freeman says:

    I did not realize the Native American population was so large here in Arizona.

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